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March 15, 2024 pl

Technical trainings for employees

based on digital view of the production plant

The development of digital plant models based on laser scanning data opens up new perspectives for employee training. Panorama View, which is a three-dimensional visualization of industrial objects, serves not only as a diagnostic tool but also as an effective training method for personnel. The high-density scanning allows for the creation of point clouds, which can be used to generate various 3D models and their 2D projections. This technology has significant potential in fields such as engineering and crisis management.


The complexity of installations makes introducing new employees to their tasks a time-consuming process. Mastering knowledge about individual installation components and the entire infrastructure of a selected area within the facility is no small challenge and often takes several months. Linking sometimes incomplete documentation with the relevant devices and equipment, as well as overseeing and properly using it, is time-consuming, especially when the installation covers an extensive area. Any errors can prove costly. Explaining details for scattered objects throughout different parts of the facility consumes valuable time for employees, without allowing for comments or Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) instructions for specific devices and infrastructure elements.

Any changes introduced in the architecture of industrial installations should be supported by appropriate training for employees. Nothing can replace on-site training directly at the location of a modernization or new installation. However, the use of digital plant models based on laser scanning data is invaluable for effective employee training. Panorama View, which is a three-dimensional visualization of industrial objects, serves not only as a diagnostic tool but also as an effective training method for personnel. Thanks to it, we can create instructional videos for operating installations, demonstrating specific devices on the model along with their relevant documentation. Technologists or individuals conducting technical training can utilize the online version of the plant panorama without the need to leave the training room.

Training Possibilities for Staff on the plant digital view – Webpano Visual Plant

Observed benefits of the digital version in employee trainings are:

Interactivity and Collaboration:

Panorama View offers an interactive learning approach, allowing employees to explore specific areas of the facility, examine structures in fine detail, and gain a better understanding of potential hazards. It also promotes collaboration across different departments.

Enhanced Safety:

Training on the digital plant model enables safe exploration of potentially hazardous areas, which is particularly crucial for high-risk facilities. Employees can gain experience without exposing themselves to real-world dangers.

Quick and Efficient Access to Documentation:

Documentation related to relevant devices and installation components allows for rapid and precise access to the necessary and up-to-date documents. This documentation can be linked to the existing document management system through hyperlinks.

Realistic Simulations and 3D Walkthroughs:

Through digital plant models, employees can participate in real-world simulations based on laser scanning data. This allows training for various scenarios, such as emergencies, safety procedures, or design changes, without the need to interfere with actual objects.

Training on the digital plant model using Panorama View is a crucial element in implementing laser scanning in the industry, contributing to improved efficiency, safety, and innovation.

An essential aspect is knowledge retention within the organization. Experienced employees retire, taking valuable information about each installation component with them. A digital scan of the facility or its specific area can serve as a key safeguard against knowledge loss. Updated documentation visually linked to each infrastructure element, complete with notes, instructions, and approvals, enables management to confidently plan for the future while ensuring operational continuity.

In summary

3D scanning of the plant infrastructure, combined with point cloud data and panoramic views, significantly enhances its utilization. From the outset of the digitization process, it provides benefits, particularly in knowledge management and support for young professionals navigating the digital environment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a panoramic view with integrated documentation multiplies that effect, creating a tool that truly expands the potential for building competent teams

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