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Height Verification Report (HVR)

To establish the verified heights, we would need to attend the site to carry out a Height Verification Report (HVR) survey. We currently undertake this task for a variety of Facade Remedial Consultants in order to ascertain an accurate and assured height verification of set buildings, this can be a single block or across an wider Block Managements property Portfolio.

We use highly accurate laser scanners to map out a building’s envelope and surrounding ground levels in a 3D survey, this survey data is then reviewed at the office and used to precisely record the buildings height dimension taken from the buildings lowest point at ground level to the finished floor level of the highest habited floor.  This is then compiled into a Height Verification Report (HVR). You will find an example Report attached.

All of our work complies with current RICS professional guidance, global ‘Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities’ (3rd Edition) and will offer an impartial and highly accurate height verification.

Should this service be required for one or more of your buildings we would be able to visit the site and provide the Report within a 1 week period (or less).  The cost ranges from £350 to £750 plus VAT per block depends on the location and number sites orderd, we could attend the site within approx 1 x week (or sooner if the task is urgently required). Our Surveyor would need access around Site at Ground floor level and depending on the building type access to the top floor flat. We would ask to be put in contact with the Concierge in order to facilitate site works.



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