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3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services

We offer reverse engineering services, which include accurate geometric analysis, materials and surface analysis, and the generation of precise 3D CAD models and 2D technical documentation.

Reverse engineering is the most efficient and effective way to generate a faithful digital equivalent of the scanned element. 3D model is created from a point cloud, which is obtained in the process of microscanning. In our work, we use a modern white light scanner. We are able to scan an object from a size of a few millimetres to several meters.

The point cloud is generated with high precision (up to 67 points / mm2) retains accuracy from 0.023 mm in accordance with the VDI / VDE standard. The scanner is regularly calibrated.

Specialized software allows us to change the point cloud into a mesh. This is not an automatic process, it requires the supervision of our engineers. The mesh prepared by us (in the stl, ply, obj, asc and bin format) can be directly used in 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

The obtained geometry of the object is, primarily the basis for creating a parametric 3D CAD model which is necessary for further analyzes.

The result of comparing the existing model to the designed version leads to the creation of the map of deviations, e.g. in the form of a coloured texture.

Reverse engineering is widely used in industry, architecture and archaeology. Having a 3D model of a physical object, we are able to reproduce 2D documentation, control the development and modification of the object, carry out simulations, which in general help to reduce the cost of the entire production process.

The creation of mesh models as a method of digitization can be a form of protection of cultural heritage and allows to create digital copies of valuable archaeological exhibits or museum collections.


Precise and dense point cloud

Accurate 3D CAD model

Analysis of deformations

Optimized mesh model

Creating 2D technical documentation




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